Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday June 25 1989:

Weight 127

Did not wake up until 8:30 but for the amount of partying we did I felt great. No hangover.
The picnic was good and alot of people were there. After that we went to the Irving Club for a couple of beers with Billy. Sharon drank too much champagne so he had taken her home and came back to meet us.
After that Kent Miller and I went to 7 Seas in Sausalito where I decided to have a full blown dinner for once, fuck the diet. God it was good, fried prawns french fries and cream of mushroom soup. We didnt bbq last night (too likkered) So we will have bbq sausages with green chile corn bread tomorrow.
How could drink beer all day yesterday and have a big dinner and not weigh 180 pounds?

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