Tuesday, January 26, 2010

August 29th 1992

Went up to Bucks Lake last weekend with Kerry, Steve, Marc, Ado, everyone was up there.
We got up there around 5 or 6 and everyone was at Lakeshore, started off ok with a few beers and then it got crazy, Marc had cabin one and we were all going back and forth over there, then the band played and we were all drinking Tree Smackers. At closing time I decided to ride back over to Mill Creek where everyone was camping with Andy Ball and Karl, Andy was driving. I had no idea how drunk the guy was. I was sitting on Karls lap in the passenger side thank god because Andy never even negotiated the first turn and next thing I knew we are flipping over and over and over, it was so quiet and all I remember is wondering when it would stop.
When it did stop, we all made it out of the car and just started walking, I did not know it at the time but I had glass all in my face and forehead and Im sure we were all in shock but we walked all night. By the time the sun came up Andy and Karl couldnt go anymore and they passed out at Sundew right on the beach, and I kept going until I got to Ado's tent. I must have looked fucked up because when I poked my face in he just started running to find Karl and Andy.

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