Saturday, January 30, 2010


Happy New Year!

Spent New Years Eve at the Grateful Dead show with Brian, Meredith, Super Dave, and Super Daves friend.
Got to the hotel and checked in and then drank some beers and burned one and started jumping up and down on the beds while listening to "Me and My Uncle"...
Headed over to the show and found our seats up in the nosebleed section, I swear it was so far up when you danced it felt like you were going to fall straight down hill.
So I look over at one point and Meredith has done just that, face planted on the seat in front of her, she is bleeding all over the place because she landed right on her nose on the seat back in front of her.
The paramedics came up and took her to the medical tent on a stretcher!
Brian went down with her but we all stayed for the show and then went down after.
Don't try this at home!

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