Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday October 5th 1989

Tuesday morning I was bringing in horses from the pasture, I had just put Arizonas halter on when Commanche started to follow us up to the gate. So I figured I would let him go through with us but when I opened the gate he bolted and I ended up knocked off my feet, flew about 6 feet and landed on my back and head. I got up and tried to walk to the barn but I was about to pass out. So I had to rest 3 times before I got up there. Finally I got all the horses tied up and I sat down and bawled like a baby. It hurt so bad. Well I got through hoof cleaning. Saddling and a 2 hour beach ride that I dont remember. My employer told me not to tell the hospital I got hurt at work. Concussion, sprained back , good drugs, bad employer.

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