Sunday, January 24, 2010

E Mail From Kent Miller
Tuesday October 22, 2002

Our marriage was no ones fault. We were not growing up together, which is the only reason we did not go forward. We were doing the same stupid shit the last 90 days we were together as we were doing the first 90 days. Look at what you have put together for yourself, by yourself since you were on your own.
I thank god every day that I do not have children. I still can not believe that my parents did not sell me when I was a teenager I was such fuckup.
Having kids is a job and responsibility you have to really really want if you are going to do it right and I think your folks are an example of two people who got into it without thinking things through. Like I know what I am talking about.
We weren't going anywhere and when we cut the cord we both started moving forward.
What does that tell you? If we had stayed together, you would not have house in Napa and your husband would be dying.

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