Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tuesday October 24th 1989

Went to work yesterday and when I got off the elevator I thought to myself "no way is this safe". All the front windows to the Mills Building were blown out, cracks and plaster everywhere. You actually had to step down into the ladies room on the 10th floor and there was a little place on the trading floor where the floor had buckled!
On the way home we drove through the Marina and saw houses caved in, toppled over, bulldozed with couches and belongings still in the rubble. One whole block was gone due to the fire and all the sidewalks were cracked and warped and buckled. People were still trying to get stuff out.
To top it all off we are in "blow out" stage again. Hilton was down 6 points today.
When will this shit stop?
Poor Kent Miller
He needs a vacation bad!

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