Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday October 23rd 1989

Well today the check from Texas came from Kent Miller grandparents. We had to borrow 5 grand..
So its windy as fuck and Kent Miller is sleeping because that is all he wants to do lately after work. I go to get the mail and open the box with the key and I am jacked to open the envelope and make sure the check is really here, well the wind sucks the check out of the envelope and I see it go flying OVER THE ROOF of the condo.
Are ya fucking kidding me? After all the bullshit we have been through? There is no way we could call the the Grandparents and tell em ya send another one of those.
There is no way I can go back inside and tell Kent Miller what just happened.
But I do.. and I have to wake him up from his nap and he is livid!
We go look for it but its not anywhere down the hill.
The next day I started thinking about it and thought the only place it could be would be in the iceplant down below the condo, so I go down there and start looking and I see something and its THERE!!!!!!

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