Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday October 19th 1989

It has not been a good week! Tuesday night at 5:04pm a huge earthquake hit. I was in the kitchen when the whole place started shaking so Kent Miller ran up to the kitchen and we got in the door way, not sure why but thats what my Dad always said to do, so the whole place is shaking and wobbling.
After it was over we called Kents folks in Texas and they were the ones that told us the Bay Bridge had collapsed, they were getting pictures of this from the Goodyear Blimp, here for the world series.
We just had no idea how bad it was until later. Over 200 people killed in a freeway collapse in Oakland. The Marina is totalled, over 60 buildings collapsed.
The Options Floor can't open so they chartered planes to fly all the market makers out to New York last night. I dropped Kent Miller off at Oakland airport, it was creepy driving home, all these big cracks and holes in the freeway.

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