Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday February 9 1990

Went up to Novato (ICK) to sign the new lease yesterday.
We are moving on the 24th.
I am learning the POETS system at work, its like an order book system that screens orders. So now I am a wire operator again. I am regressing: Floor Broker, to broker assistant, to office worker, to wire operator. I guess runner is next.


  1. Discovered your Blog last night. Thanks for posting! I know it takes some guts. Sure brought back some memories.
    Here's the link to my Blog. It's not about the floor. Maybe someday I can go there. I don't post that often on it. Hope it amuses.

  2. Thanks Commander! I can't stop writing, I am truly possesed. I will check yours out.. keep reading!