Saturday, March 13, 2010

October 30th 1998

Tomorrow is Halloween but I never have to worry about buying candy for Trick or Treaters because Sausalito has no children.
I guess there are kids in this town but they are probably out having sushi or attending therapy.
I am stressed at work, I feel like there is no place for me on the floor. Like I use to enjoy my time down there but now I hate it.
I want to be a full time office person.
Linda is so nice she is trying to find more for me to do and Jane only makes me go down there if it is really bad.
I interviewed with Susquehanna.
September 16th 1998

I am moving back in with Karl.. psycho that I am.
I like my houseboat, but I never was very good at living alone.
It's kind of a lot of money too.
I am going to move back in October 1st.
It's kind of perfect since I had the summer here and now I am going to be back on land for winter.
The truth is after this I better figure out what I am doing.
I am 42 years old,,, why don't I have a home of my own?
It's like I am living who's life?
September 9th 1998

We took the boat to the Sausalito Art Festival and anchored out behind the music stage. By doing it this way you get:
Free beer (your own)
Free music
Free food ( I made big sandos)
No crowds
Best seat in the house.
So we anchor and we have the sweet spot and then here comes this guy with a restored Hay Schooner and invites us all on that .. god what a boat.
Nice day of music friends and fun.
August 31st 1998

Back from Silver Lake with a severe case of Alcohol poisoning. That place is like there are no rules you just do what you want when you want.
Learned to Contra Dance
Got Arrested
Got locked in a basement
Karl fell in a ditch and dislocated his shoulder after we escaped from the basement.
Skinny dipped at midnight every night.
Visited the Mother Ship (keg) frequently
Enjoyed many good meals
Karl made it through the week on one pair of clothes since he locked his suitcase in his trunk the night before we left.
I am glad to be back in my haunted houseboat alone!

Monday, March 8, 2010

August 10th 1998

Getting ready to go to Silver Lake next week!
I have 10 days off.
We fly out of SFO early next Friday and everyone is on the same plane.
Harwoods Mike, Michelle and kids
Don and Nan
Me and Karl
I can't wait, Erikas friend Kellie is coming too.
I love her,, they call us "the Kellies"
July 10th 1998

Jane and Chris took the ferry over and I had bloodys all ready for everyone.
Then we walked to the parade at 10:00 and watched that and went to Dumpy Park and watched the junk boat race to the beach.
This was funny, one of the boats contained "Eugene" as in the band.. its like he was trying to make an "entrance" to the park/party,, the gross thing was it looked like he had been up all night..
I had made the girls recipe for bourbon chicken and we q'd that when we went back to the house. Gene and Ruthie took naps but we kept going and did not see the fire works.
June 30th 1998

Last weekend:
Marc, Saundra, Me, Karl and I don't even know who else.. all randoms that just showed up.
We went from my houseboat to Saundra's office houseboat then ended up here until about 4 a.m.
Here is the worst part, at one point I go downstairs at Saundras office and there is Karl baby ogling some chicks tits,, like he was all mesmerized by the whole package.
Holy shit I got the creeps and bailed.
Yes Kent Miller I am listening.
(age diff doom)