Sunday, January 31, 2010

August 29th 1993

Last weekend went to the Dead show at Shoreline. Stayed at the Rancho Tropicana, I love this place you can sit by the pool all day with all the other dead heads and sip your cocktail of choice. We meet all kinds of cool people just hanging out there.
Stopped at Safeway before the show and the place is over run with smelly hippies.
The cookie aisle was clogged up with giggling confused tripping people trying to decide what cookies to buy. One group was totally losing their shit laughing so hard.
Karl dove in the pool all screwy and his shoulder came out of its socket. I had to pull it back in...
Came out of the show and there was a parking lot party with a flat bed truck blaring disco music plus nitrous. Huge dance party... quite possibly the best parking lot party I have ever been to.
We had trouble getting back to the hotel, couldnt find it even though we have been there millions of times. OVERSERVED.

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