Friday, January 15, 2010

Saturday July 1st 1989

Weight 130

Could someone tell me how you can gain 5 lbs in one fucking day but it takes a week to lose it?
Worked yesterday until two then met Kent Miller up at Duffys, had one beer then home to change and up to San Rafael, he went to the driving range, I went to Bevs and had some beers.
We were supposed to go to the Giants game but too tired so went to Feng Nian for dinner, then home to watch Gorillas in the Mist>
I was in bed by 10.
Then I have to wake up to this 130 lb nightmare of a body. How can this be?
I eat normal food for one day and I gain 5 lbs?
Im doomed to fish and veggies for ever.
Im going running now
Ran 5 miles

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