Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jaeger Is A Bad Thing:

July ? 1990

Last night started at the Hilltop in Novato, had a nice dinner with JB, Jamie, me and Kent Miller.
Dinner was nice then we all went to the bar after for some more drinks, well JB and Jamie and some various Dugdales started doing shots so then we all decided to go back to the house for nerf pong and bb skeet shooting.
So we load the T Bird and Kent Miller is driving I am in the front, when I notice all hell breaking loose in the back seat.
It seems that a fight has broken out and now one of them has their hands around Kent Millers neck as he is driving totally fucked up and trying to maintain.
Finally we regain control and get back to the house where we lay JB out and he hurls all night long.
Jaeger= Fighting and Puking if not all of the above!

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