Saturday, January 16, 2010

E Mail from Kent Miller
May 22nd 2003

Happy Birthday you old fuck! Does everything still work the way its supposed to? What will you do to celebrate? Mahiup and wine, maybe shuffleboard at Smittys? Perhaps you should drift over to the Mayflower Inn and take the microphone again. I am sure Mike would love to sit in the audience and sing along.
Things are cool here tell Pagnini I have been paper trading options in 10 stocks starting last Friday, buying offers and selling bids just the way they have to do it in the real world.
Don't have other news, hope all is well there.
Don't embarrass yourself tonight, you don't have the youthful spirits to blame it on anymore. Now people will just shake their heads and look away. Naw probably not. I imagine all your friends know all too well what to expect.
Good Luck to all of us

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