Sunday, February 28, 2010

May 15th 1998

Petes memorial was on Mt Tam and we went and Kris went.. he kind of hung around in the backround but the the worst part was hearing all Petes friends talking about Pete and Rebecca like they were a couple.. Kris is still married to her!
God it was creepy.
That was the friends memorial and then his mom is having a churchy one at their church on Saturday.
You know it seemed like he never found his way in life, I got him a job interview with Kevin Gee and he ran off the floor?
There are certain people in life that when you get "the call" and you find out they are done by their own decision it is somehow not surprising.
I hate to admit that or even say it but is seems true.
McKechney,, I was shocked but not surprised.
Karl is of course wishing he had talked to him before the end.

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