Wednesday, February 17, 2010

E Mail From Kent Miller
March 4th 2003 12:35 a.m

Nothing new or different here, was feeling sorry for myself earlier, thinking how life has turned into a nightmare. 18 months ago I was an independent business man earning good money, planning for retirement, enjoying excellent health, and generally just having a good time and then WHAM.
Now I hurt all the time, don't know how to support myself, probably will never work again and wonder when the cancer will reappear and progress beyond Houstons ability to save me. If I wasn't so afraid of that kind of death, I think I would have let it happen now, given the chance to do over again.
I know nothing good comes out of that kind of thinking, but every so often it just takes over. I justs never saw this kind of wasting away in my future.
I always figured myself for a heart attack or something quick.
I hope something better lies in store for you.

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