Friday, February 5, 2010


Friday night I go out with the Darryls, Jamie, Jb, McNamee, Lincoln, Steve Wrong,
etc.. Pinkys, Flatty, then end up at Trevors where we witnessed the striptease of a very old baggy woman. God I am going to be like that someday, I know it.
Saturday Archie went to the hospital from severe dehydration due to the flu. He was trying to call me but I was too hung and did not answer the phone. So since he is living on the boat in Sausalito and Karl is right up the street he called Karl and Karl took him to the hospital.
Then I had a bad asthma attack and went to the hospital around midnight and was there until about 2:30 so no work today.
I have been out 11 days. I just want to go back to my normal routine!
No more hospital crap.

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