Friday, February 12, 2010


Saturday is Kellie Harts 30th birthday so we are all going over to her house for the big party.
Supposed to go to the farmers market in San Rafael tonight with Super Dave and Kerry but I just now got done with Jamies billing.
Tomorrow is Friday, already, the weeks go by so fast when I am in the office.
I love work then.
15 days to Hawaii.
Lunch at Sams was fun but we went out in JB's boat after and got stranded until 10pm.
Lincoln had to take a dump and had to hang off the side in the water, but got stage fright, the boy was rather uncomfortable, wet nuts .. full ass.. ha
Had to call Vessel assist, JB demanded they bring a case of Heineken to tide us over since it was costing size by largeness.
They delivered the beer but no chop?

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