Sunday, February 7, 2010



Today is the first day with no rain in about 2 weeks! I have the whole boat open to get fresh air. I even bought some tulips, yellow and pink, very springy.
I went running then grocery shopping- having salad for dinner. Last night I cooked beef stroganoff for Karl and Gene, boy was it stormy, thunder and lightning.
When I came home to the boat I fell down the dock, lovely.
Then in the middle of the night all these rowdy boat pirates got off a boat on the other side of my dock, its kind of scary, my boat door won't lock, if anyone tried to come in all I have is ratdude and he would just make muffins on em.
Work tomorrow, still in Sun Micro, Emily makes runners want to wet their pants.
I feel sorry for them so grab the orders and get the quotes as much as I can but its really busy.
Some of these jack ass market makers are getting in there at 3 am to get their spots.

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