Sunday, July 4, 2010


My mom is fucked up. The past few times I have called to say I am coming over to visit she has said no. Now that I think about it I have not been over there since she called and told me about Marc.
That was July.
I thought maybe she was on a bender? Well shit call it old ghosts I don't know.
Bonnie and I went over there and I could not believe my eyes when we walked in the door.
The house was like nothing I had ever seen before, cat food and maggots, empty food containers all over the place, and when I looked in the fridge it looked like she was living on popsicles and weird shit.
This is not my mom. She always had pride in her home. Always clean.
What is happening here?
It took us a whole day to clean it up. The poor cats.
We were told she has had a stroke and did not want anyone to know. Did she give up?
Keep living in the house but gave up.
I am so helpless right now.
What is wrong? She is being bounced back and forth between Kaiser and some old fucks home.

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