Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My mom is in this place in Sonoma now. I thought this was going to be good because I don't have to drive so far but when I go visit she pleads with me to get her out of there.
Yesterday I walked in and they had her all dressed in some freakin costume bed jacket weird ass shit. Very disturbing, do they do this for fun?
I want her out of there. Then I notice this cut on her upper lip and she told me they cut her shaving her??????
She was released from the Smith Ranch facility "AMA" against medical advice, she wanted to go home so we got her home and I made sure there was a ton of food and everything she would need for the weekend. She said she just wanted to be alone in her house with her cats.
So all weekend I am calling..... no answer... every day calling no answer, same with Auntie Bonnie, so finally Auntie Bonnie goes over Monday and finds her laying on the living room floor, fell out of the wheel chair.
Paramedics come and take her back to Kaiser but then that ran out and now she is in this creepy freak show old folks piss smellin place in Sonoma.
I meet with some social worker. I ask what is wrong with my mother?
What are we dealing with?
I get no answers.
What I want to know is what is going on here? What am I dealing with?
Is this the end?

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